My two month review is a Manifesto

  1. A customised pathway to net carbon zero 2025 for every Londoner Job transition, re-training, lifestyle counselling, education and awareness (as set out by Article 12 of the Paris Agreement) for all children and adults.
  2. A Low Tech New Green Deal A de-carbonisation programme that is less extractive, less resource intensive, low energy, faster and less expensive. Setting up a sustainable circular economy that is resilient, repairable, easily maintained and manageable on a net carbon zero lifestyle.
  3. Karma tax (windfall tax) to pay for the LTND and a core basic sustainable income for every citizen.
  4. Redistribution of housing We can’t afford the Upfront carbon emissions of new homes. We have enough housing stock, it is just unequally distributed. I cover this is more detail in my research on downsizing
  5. Restoration of London’s ecological health Air, water and soil health. Regenerative agriculture and food security. Removing parking, tarmac, greening and rewilding.
  6. Working with the international community to achieve global net carbon zero by 2025

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