Binocular vision

Self-deception is one of the most debilitating aspects of the climate and ecological crises. We are all party to it. And intelligence can be used as a way of rationalising the most absurd narratives currently doing the rounds.

One of the most pernicious has been system change not individual change. Who says we need to choose?

Another is that net carbon zero must be a far distant ambition 2060? 2050? When we can all see with our own eyes and feel with our other senses that the unfolding climate crisis is now not in some distant future.

Facing up to the truth is hard. it costs us emotionally. it can upturn long held dreams. It challenges the way we identify. Taking responsibility for what we have done or not done requires courage. There is a process of truth and reconciliation which includes regret, self forgiveness and-self compassion.

Getting to the root of the problem means getting close up and personal. Not distant. Reflecting on our own carbon footprint at the granular level and the lifestyle choices we make is an important part of this journey. And then we can start to understand what might be the alternatives.

And whilst compassion and self-compassion are important parts of the process, we also need to see it from the victim’s point of view too. Because whilst there is no doubt we are and will all be affected by climate change; we are not equally. affected This is where we need to adopt a binocular view; what might be called compassionate detachment – understanding the context of our personal struggles within the bigger global picture. And face up to the truth; that what we do as systems, business, as individuals and households can reverberate across the world: as extreme and devastating weather events which destroys lives and communities. Our choices have consequences.

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