Key Policies


Ban diesel private cars in London, starting in the central inner city boroughs, roughly zones 1 & 2 and then progressively encompassing the outer boroughs. Setting out a clear and focused plan to switch public transport and commercial from diesel at the earliest possible date.

 Ban all private cars from Central London, starting with non-residential and moving quickly to a full ban.

 Prioritise Active Travel eg walking and cycling, with proportionate representation on TFL board, road space allocation and budget.

Identify rat runs throughout London and close to motorised traffic to create A Priority Cycling Network (quick measure to create a safe, inclusive cycling network) Meanwhile continue installing protected cycle lanes on the main arteries and filtered permeable or protected Quietways on residential roads.

Reclaim car parks as brownfield sites to house key workers, at reasonable rents and linked to their jobs in the vicinity.

Rationalise commercial vehicles by capping PHVs and Taxis, encourage and incentivise cargo bike light delivery. Create licences or transit permits per journey, based on size and environmental impact in central London for delivery, freight and contractor vehicles.

Plant one million trees throughout London. Trees absorb pollution, rainfall (to reduce flooding) increase mental well being as well as other health benefits. They keep cities cooler in hot weather, reducing need for air conditioning. They also help ameliorate damaging effects of Climate Change.


One Comment

  • You will never ever ban cars from the whole of London. It’s simply too big and vast. From the centre? Maybe. Even then a big maybe.


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