Climate taboos – stuff people find very difficult to discuss

That the COPs have consistently failed over a 30 year period

Greta called out the COP in a recent interview as a greenwashing ‘scam’ Why on earth do we continue with this charade?

Not only have the COPs failed but their reports have consistently lied to us (global citizens) about how serious the climate crisis is. We had an unprecedented and unpredicted 40C in London this Summer. 40C, as Just Stop Oil say, is only the beginning. Do they really believe we haven’t noticed?

Why do global citizens, climate scientists and the climate community continue to engage with it? COP is a scam. And it is insanity to keep doing the same thing over 30 years and expect a different result.

COP is also clearly not ‘all we have’. I’m seriously fed up with those who keep funnelling us down this dead end. We can make international treaties with countries who get it. We must get out of the COP tunnel vision and expand our options.

Lifestyle carbon budgets

What does net carbon zero really means for us as individuals? – living on around one tonne carbon per year. Probably one of the most taboo subjects, even amongst ‘green’ or environmentally aware global citizens.

Refusing to engage with lifestyle net carbon zero carbon budgets until the elusive ‘system change’, whatever ‘system change’ actually means? It seems a catch all phrase to kick the climate hot potato into the long grass. If you want to use the terminology ‘system change’ then please qualify what you mean. For instance is it car-free cities towns and villages? Is it free public transport? Is it mobilising to decarbonise every home? Please don’t use a catch all cliche; a meaningless phrase. Be specific.

Lifestyle net carbon zero is such a critical, massive subject..,.and yet it is so difficult to discuss it with anyone! It covers every aspect of life. It needs human-based experimentation and research at scale. I have suggested a whole Oxford University department devoted to net carbon zero lifestyles:, involving the whole community in Oxford. This is the kind of attention this subject needs,….and at Universities in every global country or region.

The IPCC report WG3 published in Spring 2022 finally included these lifestyle emissions, after over 30 years of omitting it! Anyone who is not asking why they have omitted these household / personal consumption greenhouse gases (GHG) for so long is perpetuating this climate taboo.

Upfront carbon emissions

Often known as embodied energy or sometimes upfront embodied carbon

This has long been hidden in lifecycle emissions. Avoiding acknowledging the massive upfront carbon footprint of new cars, new buildings and homes. And many other goods like furniture, electrical appliances, computers etc

This is a critical issue in a climate emergency., when we we are perilously near tipping points.. Upfront carbon emissions in the production of unnecessary new stuff could quickly push us over the edge. We must be scrutinising what is absolutely necessary to achieve personal sufficiency and public shared ‘luxury’ .

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