Saturday 29th August

Load of laundry – 600g

Note: windy day so maybe savings on carbon to be made today. Wind turbine generated energy rather than coal and gas? Dried on the line as always.

Matcha tea – 21g

2 x fried bread with 2 eggs – 750g

Cycle ride 4 miles – 12g

Feta, spinach pastry – 300g

Latte with oatmilk – 50g

Swim in lido -?

Shower 3 minutes – 90g

2 x local seasonal apples – 20g

Japanese tea – 21g

Broccoli, chilli, garlic, anchovy wholewheat pasta – 600g

Washing up with electric kettle rather than gas boiler – ?

Time online approximately 5 hours

Data and servers – 5 x 50 = 250g

Device laptop  – 5 x ?

Fridge – 64g

Average water use – 38g

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