Wednesday 19th August

100g organic basmati brown rice, umeboshi plum and gomasio – 450g

2 x black coffee – 42g

Note: I have stopped my weekly milk bottle x 2 to see if I can cut the dairy in my diet. I am getting used to black coffee. I even like it:) Now adding Matcha Tea to milk free choices.

Coffee walnut cake (leftover from wake) – my mother used to make the best ever homemade coffee walnut cake. This reminds me of childhood home cooking – 500g

Kimchi – 50g

Yoghurt drink – 150g

2 hours TV – 180g

1 hour podcast – ?

Time online approximately 5 hours

Data and servers – 5 x 50 = 250g

Device laptop  – 5 x ?

Fridge – 64g

Average water use – 38g

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