Monday 3rd August

1 x grapefruit – 90g

2 x coffee with milk – 100g

2 x Tea with milk – 100g

Washing up on electric kettle – ?

Note: With so much potential renewable solar sunshine at the moment, I wondered if boiling an electric kettle is much lower carbon than washing up on a gas boiler? How does it work out? Seasonal variations? Or even a solar shower if I had an electric hot water storage?

Shower 6 minutes on gas boiler – 180g

Homemade blackcurrant jam with curds (milk separated out naturally into curds and whey in milk bottle left out in the sun when I was away) – 400g

Homegrown sage tea – 21g

Load of laundry 30C – 600g

Fish soup with seasonal tomatoes and saffron – 600g

100g cumin rice with avocado and beetroot salad – 750g

Note: Its a bit tough at the moment to keep to my carbon budget. Or indeed keep up with my journal. Waves of grief have overwhelmed my ability to focus. It is what it is.

Fridge – 64g

Average water use – 38g

One thought on “Monday 3rd August

  1. Thank you for continuing with this at such an overwhelmingly sad time for you. I hope it can even be some help to you in keeping going with life. When my father died I felt as though I might simply float away off the Earth because whatever anchored me to it had gone. Thinking about anything else seemed irrelevant. A gruelling time. 29 years later I still miss him. It’s hard to accept I’ll die without ever seeing him again.


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