Sunday 10th May

Coffee with milk – 21g

3 x tea with milk – 150g

Fried bread with sliced tomato and salsa verde – 300g

Pasta and pesto – 400g

Homemade honey halva – 300g

Minestrone soup with 25g of parmesan – 500g

Mobile phonecall on the network 20 minutes – 1140

Facetime video call (broadband) 20 minutes – ?

Still waiting for a reliable carbon footprint of all types of calls. Mobile network, audio, video, skype, zoom etc

1 hour podcast – ?

Half an hour TV – 44g

Time online approximately 3 hours

Data and servers – 3 x 50 = 150g

Device laptop ipad or iPhone – 3 x ?

Fridge – 64g

Average water use – 38g

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