Saturday 9th May

1 x grapefruit – 90g

Handful of cashew nuts – 32g

3 x tea with milk – 150g

8 miles cycling – 24g

Oat milk latte – 50g

Asparagus, 50g feta cheese (600g) and olive oil and lemon dressing – 900g

Bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar – 150g

Morroccan mint tea – 21g

3 dates 35g

Fried bread with sliced tomato and salsa verde – 300g

Hand washing up – 540g

30 minutes TV – 44g

Time online approximately 3 hours

Data and servers – 3 x 50 = 150g#

Device laptop ipad or iPhone – 3 x ?

Fridge – 64g

Average water use – 38g

2 thoughts on “Saturday 9th May

  1. How/where do you figure your lighting and miscellaneous electrical usage? I see that you list your refrigerator separately. Is that solely its electric emissions or the embedded emissions too?
    I was planning on taking my monthly kilowatts and dividing it into daily electric usage for all my lights, refrigerator, washer, tv, iPad, phone, router, furnace blower/ac, and miscellaneous usage (tool batteries, etc.) Then take their manufacturing emissions and divide by their anticipated lifetime. That is if I can find most of them.

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    1. I have low energy LED lights. Of course there will be some carbon impact but it is minimal. I account for fridge, washing machine and devices separately. The more tangible the the daily budget composition is the more accessible it is.


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