Monday 6th April

Smashed avocado on bread – guesstimate – 200g

Note: Not sure of the carbon footprint of avocado? More or less than a banana? Is it shipped or air freighted?

4 x tea with milk – 200g

2 handfuls of cashew nuts – 64g

2 egg omelette (600g) with homegrown wild rocket – 600g

Instant coffee with milk – 50g

Note: I have done pretty well without coffee up to this point. I miss going to cafes more than I miss the coffee. After all I have tea! But this is a substitute for that experience.

Homemade hummus, bread and celery stalks – 300g

2 slices of bread with marmite – 100g

1 x grapefruit – 90g

1 hour tv on demand – 88g

1 hour live TV – ?

Note: Is live TV the same as video on demand?

Time online approximately 5 hours

Data and servers – 5 x 50 = 250g

Device laptop ipad or iphone – how much does charging each device use? Still to work out my laptop energy use kWh

50 tweets approx – 1g

Fridge – 64g

Average water use – 38g

8 thoughts on “Monday 6th April

  1. Hi, is coffee too high carbon for your budget? Where does your budgeting intersect with other considerations, like Fair Trade, organic and sustainable cultivation?
    Thanks for keeping the project going in these trying times.


    1. Hi Katy, a coffee with a splash of milk is comparable to tea with milk at 50g. However Mike Berners-Lee writes in ‘How Bad are Bananas: The Carbon Footprint of Everything’ that a large cappuccino emits 235g carbon and a large latte 340g, because of the amount of milk used. Once I found this out I tried out other options and settled on a latte or cappuccino with oatmilk. I am guesstimating a latte with oatmilk at 50g. I hope that helps?


  2. In terms of fair trade, sustainability etc Carbon is only one consideration. I try and buy organic wherever possible so soils are not degraded. But water footprint, transportation and food security are also important. Coffee is usually a cash crop; does it impact on resources where it is grown?For instance access to water security, food security and clean air


  3. I would also venture to say that over the air television watch is the most efficient, followed by cable without a box (what I have as no over the air available where I live), followed by cable with a box or satellite television. Streaming would likely fit in between cable and satellite very much depending on the power usage of various cable/satellite boxes/television sets and whether or not you are streaming via wi-fi or data, the speed that it is streamed at, and the device (television, computer, iPad, phone.
    Also what are you meaning by live tv? I thought you meant over the air reception at first but then I got to thinking about live in as a live news broadcast or talk show vs a filmed show/movie. In that case I would definitely think the news is less carbon than a show/movie.
    I did see this from the BBC. Over the air is definitely better according to them.
    By the way I love your daily journal. I wish photos did not use so much data as I would love to see some of your meals as they sound intriguing. And small.

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