Wednesday 22nd January

1 x cappuccino with oatmilk – 50g

1 x kouig -amann – 120g

Note: Kouign- amann is a Breton cake, described in the New York Times as “the fattiest pastry in all of Europe”. Not my usual breakfast but variety is the spice of life! I rarely eat sugar. But I am an imperfect prototype.

Burnt stem of broccoli, charred sweet potato, spicy black bean salsa, green chutney, coconut yoghurt and curry leaf oil – 300g

Walk for a few miles – 0g

Note: My energy is back! At least for a few miles of meandering. Popped into the lovely Culpeper Community Garden along my way. Drawn into the garden by the chorus of birdsong which lights up my brain cells. Coming out of hibernation.

Raddiccio, red radish salad with balsamic vinegar and 25g parmesan (300g) –  400g

Lemon and ginger tea – 21g

Baked beetroot and potato with sauerkraut, savoy cabbage, and Fava bean umami sauce – 400g

1 hour BBC podcast – ?

30 minutes YouTube – 44g

UK average water use – 38g

Time online – approx 5 hours –

Data and servers – 5 x 50 = 250g

Device – iphone – 5 x 12g = 60g

Tweets 50 – 50 x 0.02 =1g

Fridge – 64g

3 wordpress blogs – ?

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