Wednesday November 20th

I have reached the most difficult phase on my net carbon zero One Tonne of Carbon per Year project. Yesterday I calculated that gas Heating my flat for 45 minutes (to take the edge of a freezing cold evening) takes up the whole of my daily carbon budget (2.684Kg of a 2.7Kg daily carbon budget)

Plus I realised that I am not having enough nutrition. The corner of my mouth is cracked which indicates a deficiency of zinc, iron, B vitamins B3 B2 B12 And possibly skimping on protein In winter we need to up our nutrition to cope with colder temperatures and less sunlight

I will not make myself ill to stick to the budget. But firstly I will up my intake of nutrients with foods I have mostly avoided. I have been craving chicken stock, fish and oysters. So I will give in to that craving and see if i can manage to make it work?

I am exploring purchasing a 2nd hand white framed infrared panel heater on ebay so I can keep the project going. I have also changed my energy supplier from Bulb (who seems to just buy renewable energy certificates) to Ecotricity who actively re-invest profits in producing renewable electricity.

Forgoing heating for the entire winter is not practical. I will need to resolve this. Winter brings very different and pressing challenges on net carbon zero.

I have also bought some food sourced supplements to up my nutrition whilst I recalibrate and adjust to the cold weather.

Organic oat porridge with a handful of roasted hazelnuts – 120g

4 x tea with milk – 200g

150g pan fried fresh Mackerel fillets on a bed of mustard greens from Farmers Market – 200g

Note: I am referring to my Finnish notes which have Herring fillets at 1Kg Carbon per kilo

3 pieces of seeded rye bread with organic palm oil free peanut butter – 200g

125g of risotto rice cooked in homemade fish stock with 25g parmesan (300g) and slither of butter (117g) – guesstimate 1Kg

Note:  Rice is a high carbon grain at 2.7-4kg per kilo. Whole wheat is just 0.6kg per kilo. I need something comforting, warming and nutritionally rich. The stock comes from white fish bones that the fishmonger was about to throwaway. I am not putting on the heating tonight.

1 organic satsuma – 90g

1 omega 3 fish oil capsule – ?

1 Zinc plus B vitamins supplement capsule – ?

1 hour BBC radio – ?

UK average water use – 38g

Time online – approx 5 hours –

Data and servers – 5 x 50 = 250g

Device – iphone – 5 x 12g = 60g

Tweets 50 – 50 x 0.02 =1g

Fridge – 64g

3 wordpress blogs – ?

4 thoughts on “Wednesday November 20th

  1. I started reading your blog out of curiosity and now I have great admiration for what you are doing. But I know that i couldn’t live through the winter with only minimal heating. I guess it’s my age (I’m 75) but I am very grateful to live in an extremely well-insulated newly-built block with underfloor heating and for the first time in a long time I don’t have to huddle near a radiator. I wonder how much you can allow yourself to expend on energy in the winter and save in the summer?

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    1. Thanks Angela. We need every current home to have access to well insulated /decarbonised / electric heating and hot water. If we don’t make this carbon investment, we will put people (especially older and small children) in a dangerous position on net carbon zero. Basically eat or heat? I am doing this project partly to illustrate those dangers. Whilst making sure I don’t endanger myself. A balancing act

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  2. An electric blanket works for me with a beanie on my head, drinks from my thermos – I dare to write in bed! And I use the cafes in Newbury – Hog and Hedge are green – by I admit I want to be quit without enough protein!

    Keep it up! Poem in the wings

    Best poetic



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