Monday November 11th

Organic oat porridge and ground camelina – 100g

2 miles overground train – 300g

Swim at Lido – ?

Followed by 3 minute shower – 90g

Note: Hoping news of the Lido going solar will happen soon. Heating water by solar thermal would be great!

Cappuccino with oat milk – 50g

Cheese toastie with kimchi – 800g

Chocolate Brownie with hazelnute – 300g

Purchased 1 second hand blouse, 1 metal cup. 1 2nd hanmd wrapping paper – 0g

3 x texts – 3 x 0.014g = 0.042g

Seared pan fried Venison (125g) on a bed of kale with mustard and tarragon vinaigrette – 350g

1 organic local apple – 10g

25g cheese with homemade homegrown quince membrillo – 300g

Note: I have reached a more challenging phase on the net carbon zero lifestyle. It feels like a heat or eat scenario. At the moment eat is winning out. I am a bit uncomfortable at near freezing evening /night time temperatures. My cold flat heats up with the winter sunshine in the day time, so more bearable. Meanwhile my local library opens its windows to cool down the preset stuffy central heating!

1 hour BBC TV  on ipad – 88g

UK average water use – 38g

Time online – approx 5 hours –

Data and servers – 5 x 50 = 250g

Device – iphone – 5 x 12g = 60g

Tweets 50 – 50 x 0.02 =1g

Fridge – 64g

3 wordpress blogs – ?

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