Thursday November 7th

Note: Definitely colder now. Around 7C at night. 10C in the day. No heating yet. I am acclimatising. Porridge needed every morning!

Organic oat porridge with guerande salt and ground camelina seeds from Hodmedods-100g

Note: Camelina, also known as Gold of Pleasure, has been grown in England for thousands of years for its tasty seeds and oil. Sprinkle on salads, use in baking, add to smoothies, or use as a vegan egg replacement. I have an electric grinder to make seeds easier to digest. The crop is now being researched due to its exceptionally high level (up to 45%) of omega-3 fatty acids, which is uncommon in vegetable sources. Seeds contain 38 to 43% oil and 27 to 32% protein. Over 50% of the fatty acids in cold-pressed camelina oil are polyunsaturated. The oil is also very rich in natural antioxidants, such as tocopherols, making this highly stable oil very resistant to oxidation and rancidity. It has 1–3% erucic acid; recently, several low-erucic and zero-erucic Camelina Sativa varieties (with erucic acid content of less than 1%) have been introduced. The vitamin E content of camelina oil is approximately 110 mg/100 g. It is well suited for use as a cooking oil as it has an almond-like flavor and aroma. I haven’t found a source of UK Camelina oil yet. 

3 x tea with milk – 150g

2 miles Overground rail – 300g

1 hour investing in vitamin D (sunshine)on Hampstead Heath – 0g

Note: Vitamin D deficiency is very common in the UK in the colder months. I try to factor in winter sunshine breaks at midday so I can maximise my winter exposure.

1 oatmilk latte – 50g

1 vegan tamarind red lentil dahl with wild rice and coconut yoghurt – 400g

1 cup of broth made from shitake mushroom (stalks saved for broth) , Cornish kelp and tamari soy sauce – 50g

Wholewheat organic pasta with organic local broccoli, 50g anchovy fillets, garlic and chilli fried in olive oil – 600g

Note: Pasta is 1Kg of CO2 per kilo. Wholemeal wheat flour is less carbon than white flour. Fish preserve are 4 kg CO2 per kilo. So 50g salted Anchovy in olive oil = 200g

1 hour BBC iplayer – 88g

2 texts – 2 x 0.014 = 0.028g

UK average water use – 38g

Time online – approx 5 hours –

Data and servers – 5 x 50 = 250g

Device – iphone – 5 x 12g = 60g

Tweets 50 – 50 x 0.02 =1g

Fridge – 64g

3 wordpress blogs – ?

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